Thursday, April 11, 2024

What's Next For The CBOTW Show?

            With Power Ranger Podcast wrapped up production what is next for The CBOTW Show. Well haven't really come to that point but it will be between me doing solo episodes, The Simpsons and Mighty Ducks 1, 2 & 3. Also that is on the plans is to work on Corner Gas but it could take weeks months but that is OK I can try and squeeze it in. I'm sure that I will some how get to it soon as possible. I just haven't figured out how I will format the episodes and maybe I will talk to my guest about it first see if he has ideas for it. 

       That is everything that is being planned for now and I have nothing planning beyond August for now and I do not plan on going to far but let's say that Larry will be back more in September I am not sure when The Mighty Ducks movie chats will be posted up. Again we haven't come that point as of yet as we are currently planning 2 podcasts for the other podcast in the nearby future so it will be tough to say at this point. Anyways that is the post for today and that is sort of the plan moving forward and nothing too strenuous and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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