Saturday, June 9, 2018

What I Did On My Day Off Yesterday!

              As you all know I was off yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, the stress with all the work load being piled up on me. So my dad, my niece and nephew which I approved them coming along, I wouldn't say no to them coming along with us any day of the week, so they came along as they had the day off of school due to a P.A. Day and we went to Toronto for the day. We took the GO Train into Toronto so it was easier to get home quite quickly and I will get into that shortly as something did happen on the way home. We got into Toronto, had a quick lunch at Subway, saw the Rogers Center dome opening for the baseball game little later on for the Blue Jays Vs The Orioles. 

We got onto the Island we went to Centreville and went on a few rides, The Antique Cars which as you can see on the right side I wasn't driving, that was my nephew who was the driver as he was driving a little erratically but with me coaching him, he got better very quickly and is a great listener when I try to help him improve on things. But he did extremely well with the driving of an old antique car like this one. Also it was quite difficult to get my fat rear end into the seat of this car as it was a tight squeeze and hard also with my bad back as well. Also we went onto the Swan Ride and I steered the swam around with my niece. We then had ice cream and headed back to the ferry and we were on our way back home to Durham Region, Ontario and the next part of my day continues.

                We got back home just for a minute for a pit stop break and we were back out the door to go to my brother and sister in Law's for dinner. We had veal Parmesan, Fucilli noodles with red or white sauce, also stuffed Portabello Mushrooms which I tried it even though I am not a big Mushroom fan but I loved it and I would eat it in the nearby future. I played Minecraft on the PS3 and I still totally do not like it on PS3 whatsoever because of the very slow moment in the game and my nephew Nathan's chest wasn't opening when I had it open before so something must of happened. I felt bad I lost my niece's horse she had and my nephews one fire aspect sword which I was ready to walk out the door but I didn't. I stayed and built my nephew a ice berg for his model Lego Titanic which mind you it took me a while to try and figure out the actual dynamics of building it out of Lego for him but he very much appreciated me doing that for him as well. That was my day, it was a busy day and I really enjoyed it but time to get back to work today and tomorrow, then planning one last day off then getting down to the nitty gritty of things! 


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