Saturday, October 13, 2018

When I Started Podcasting, I Had Horrible Audio...

               When I started this crazy adventure with no followers or listening whatsoever, my audio was terrible, horrible. My voice was very distorted as heck as I over modulated my voice because I had the volume on my mixer way high so that had a lot to do with the podcast and I think in 2015 I had the other mixer the older one that didn't help but obviously in 2016 I had this mixer I currently use to this current day and have been since Summer of 2016 when I made the purchase for this mixer. As time got further during the podcast things got better and I got followers for the podcast and I am talking YouTube days. Now Audio ONLY things got better as I started to always do an audio check or sound check or as they call it in the world of "Radio" Air check which I always do before I set off to do the recording of the podcast to ensure the quality is top notch each and every time an episode is being recorded every week to every few times a week depending on the recording schedule from season to season. 

                 The next thing I did was upgrade some of the gear in the studio, got a boom arm to hold the mic so I wouldn't be lifting up the stand with the microphone so it is much easier to maneuver in behind the screens as you probably seen it in pictures of me on my Instagram feed from time to time when I am between recording like currently at this moment as I am about 5 days from the next episode to be released for you guys. Now the AT Pro 31 hand held mic was good and what not but it was aging and I have had it since 2014 so 4 years now if you include it to today. It has seen broadcasts from YouTube to Twitch.TV to other platforms that I have been on that I rather not even mention at this point as I am banned from those platforms for certain reasons I will not state on here. In 2017, 1 year ago I invested in a more of a professional microphone. I bought the AT2020 Condenser Microphone, $200 bucks later but worth the money and the upgrade. Don't worry I still got the AT Pro 31 mic as a guest mic in the studio that will need a boom arm down the road!

                   So over the years, things got better and I am sure down the road it will become even a bigger podcast then it is now in the years to come as I make more and different ideas I can bring to the table and I have hinted on social media I wanna do something with the podcast which I will be talking about on another blog post on another day, down the road from now when the time gets closer but ideas are brewing for me and Chris B On The Web. I am proud how far I have come with the podcast and what is to come for it in the nearby future as well which I am excited to share with you very soon and I am nothing but proud of how far this podcast has done.


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