Monday, October 1, 2018

Already Planning Ahead of Myself!

             I am way ahead of myself, I am already working on the collaboration podcasts for December which I still have 2 months and a bit to go until both Larry and I sit down to record another set of two podcasts. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy doing the collabs and I looked at the viewership and it has done very well for itself as a separate project on it's very own. The CBOTW Show is going into it's testing phases this week and I am quite nervous to see how it will do as a second podcast. I plan on continuing with Larry on the collaboration podcast in the nearby future with Everything About Reality TV Podcast being still my main focus of the podcast at this point.

               Now With Everything About Reality TV, I am already scheduling the podcast for not during this fall but when Big Brother Canada Season 7 comes out, I am looking at twice a week for the BBCAN7 Recaps to ease down some of the stress of the podcast as that is one of the two busiest schedule for me with summer being the second busiest schedule on the list. The schedule between now will kind of look like this for 2018 - 2019:

Fall 2018:

Thursdays: 9 pm EST: Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Recap

Winter 2019 (Schedule TBA):

Big Brother Canada Season 7 RECAPS (Twice A Week)
Music City Season 2 Recaps (Weekly)
Survivor 38

Awaiting Scheduling:

Amazing Race 31 
Amazing Race 32 (If Comes Out during the spring season, hopefully)
Celebrity Big Brother (Not Sure if it is during the winter or early summer as I heard rumors about. Also the future of the Big Brother USA franchise. (Will Keep you all updated for sure!)

                 There is my schedule and some of the awaiting scheduling is in limbo with the recent news of the CEO of CBS resigning but I will be sure to keep you all informed if something does change and like I have said before you guys get the news right off the bat, I do not like to actually waiting on the news, I like to let you know right off the bat, unless I had other blog posts to post up but I try to slide things around as much as possible. 


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