Sunday, September 30, 2018

Gearing Up For The Next Collab With Larry

               Well, it is coming pretty much the fall now and it is that time once again to actually get prepped up for the next set of collabs with Larry once again. It will be a short 2 months till both him and I are behind the mics again recording the next two podcasts. What Power Rangers Collab podcast are next? Well Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo are next on the list and it is quite exciting to be moving forward with these collabs and like I said before, it comes out a couple of time a year, 4 to be exact. Honestly it takes time to watch the entire season, take notes, type it up so that is what I do between each recording and this does take some time to do that and hours in per day. I was having doubts posting up the last 3 collabs I did with Larry and had thoughts about discontinuing the collaboration podcast but he talked me back into it and it is a fun kind of podcast to do and hes right it is a lot of fun. It is a tough process at times but worth it in the end as the end product looks and sounds really good.

                 The long term goal is him and I planning to go right to Super Ninja Steel down the road so we will be collaborating for a very long time from here on out twice a year and we are doing this out of the passion as we both grew up with the show and its kind of nice to remember our childhood too, plus him and I are bunch of nerds when it comes to this show so that is another factor for the two of us as well. As of next spring, him and i will be done the Zordon Era and moving into Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed and so forth. I am going to say that these collab podcasts aren't going anywhere, anytime soon and I am glad Larry came up with this idea. Even with him not part of staff anymore, he is still highly involved with CBOTW which is nice as hes given me so many ideas to move forward, even on my own as well. The collab post up is coming very soon on social media! 


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