Saturday, September 29, 2018

My Final Thoughts on Amazing Race Canada 6

             It has been over 2 weeks since Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition has concluded it's season and in today's blog post I want to briefly talk about it with my thoughts as I have now had 2 weeks to think about it and I want to briefly talk about it in today's Blog. First thing I would like to say is, am I happy with Adam and Courtney winning? Of course I am, just really hoped to see Martina and Phil in the final 3 but it is what it is and I am so glad they went that far and honestly I would like to see them both back in another season of Amazing Race Canada in an All-Star edition or Unfinished Business if we decided to go a similar approach like the states did.  Also would also like to see back Leanne and Mar to come back along with Todd and Anna from this season but this is only my thoughts or opinions.

               However I really, really did like this season, the last 3 seasons I actually did enjoy and was excited for the past several seasons and I cannot wait to see if it gets renewed for a 7th season and I will be talking about that in a bit. I was really excited this season for a few reasons. The first point I want to make is both Martina and Phil followed me on Social Media which I got excited and i mean excited, excited! Also I couldn't wait for the next episode to see what happened. This season I was very invested in the season and got right into it compare to previous seasons and I am not sure why but that's OK, was a season I will never forget actually. 

             Finally do I think they will renew for another season? I think so, I think they will do another season and I cannot wait to see what kind of theme or where they go and I like the mixture between countries outside Canada and actually in Canada so I really like the mix they do in the season. Let's just say our version has a very unique touch to it. 


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