Friday, September 28, 2018

The Binding of Isaac Video Game Progress! [UPDATE]

               The video game, The Binding of Isaac, it's been a crazy adventure and yet I have not yet finished the game. It has been some struggles during the game and I can be honest, certain parts can be frustrating and it has been really hard to go all the way then fail in the end when you are close to defeating Mom, one of the bosses in the video game. However there is the positive side things I am getting much stronger in the game and getting the skill I need to get 100% Platinum God. The one thing that does fear me is getting to the devil or Shioeld which is the other boss I have to deal with it but if I put my mind to it, I am sure I can beat it too. I can honestly say, I almost actually beat Shioeld and quite a proud moment for me to almost beating it. I still got quite a way to go, I am not even half way right now, I am at 44% completed with 1001 Hours playing the game. 

             My plan moving forward is to get all the challenges completed along with any other goals that I have in the game. I got 56% and the number is getting smaller and smaller but in time I will have completed Isaac and ready to move onto to Rebirth which i actually do got. I bought it months ago, hoping to have beaten Vanilla Isaac but I do play it from time to time when I got some free time to play a little video games which is becoming more often now with my schedule very much clear. One thing I am worried is beating a level in hard mode but hey i am definitely up for the challenge and I think down the road hopefully before I leave for the US but when I get back I will get back into the swing of things as of October. Again I will talk about it a week from now when I am 24 hours from actually leaving for Minnesota with my parents. I am excited to complete this game and move on with Rebirth and After Birth as well.


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