Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Autism Celebration 2018 Event Set!

                So I know you have been wondering and I will set all rumors to the side as it is true, I am planning to attend the autism celebration this year with Kerry's Place and I have known about this event date for the past week now and I just felt it wasn't the right time to talk about it and mention it but I am attending this year and I am excited to be returning again this year as I have been a regular to the event since the start minus 2015 and 2017 and yes I realize it is the odd years I didn't attend there. I have been planning and putting together my booth since end of June, early July and it has taken me major thinking and putting the ideas together. I have been working away for months on this project as as of last year I destroyed the board and the old board was falling apart after a while so I had to do it over from scratch again which is fine and it gives me the opportunity to actually re do it all and make it even better then it was.  I am ecstatic to be going into this event knowing that I have news to bring to everyone that I am going to be bringing a certain podcast live again down the road which I will talk about at a later time probably by the weekend at the most and it is thrilling news indefinitely! 

                   The Autism Celebration will take place on Monday, October 15th, 2018 between 6 and 8 pm EST and I will be definitely on Instagram taking pictures of my booth and show you guys what I have been doing over the last 3 - 4 months now. Of course I will be also doing a blog post on here about it and will talk about my experience now that I have had time to re build the brand and fix up things and get what I wanna promote out there. One thing I can say is since CBOTW has rapidly growing on a regular basis and unfortunately I had to take the CICE Program off of the board and I know I will get some sort of hate for it as I have been promoting the program since the year I graduated from the program but I needed to make more room for my content but the program will always be near and dear to my heart as it is an experience I will never forget and I learned so much about media and also radio side of things especially as I was a part of Riot Radio for a couple of months and i learned so much and I am still connected with the former Program Director who taught me so much and I got so much better in front of the microphone and on camera. So anyways I am getting way off track right now. It is unfortunate I am not promoting it but as I got further into the event, it was starting to not be as popular as I promoted it but I may just incorporated it in my bio side of things in the nearby future, for next year's event as the bio is already done but I nowhere mentioned school. I may or could just re do the bio and re do the main flyer. Again, I am rambling. This is the week for final touches to the event and I staying up late tonight so I can get this done this week and filled up so I can add the Velcro to it, so it would stick to it. But Oct 15th is the date and looking forward to it and hearing people's feedback on the new and improved booth!


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