Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Think I Am Getting Better At Handling Stress!

              It has been a whir wind of a last 2 years since coming off of YouTube and into the podcasting world, I admit I have shown my level of stress between then and towards the end of last year but recently I have seen change in my life, the way I deal with stress. I have been utilizing a lot of the tools that I have learned and I think things are starting to sink in now that I need to get things done and stop feeling down and sorry for myself and have to get down to the nitty gritty and I have been as you can see I have been quite busy lately and very much active on this here blog and also on social media not as much but getting into posting more often. Instagram goes up and down in the numbers but that's OK tho and I am use to it. Eventually I will have my break on Instagram to get more followers down the road.  The fact now I don't let it bother me even if I lose followers as it re builds up and there are people who are so dedicated to supporting me and the blog & podcast, I am ever forever grateful for having the fans. 

               I really am using a list of things I need to do, I just wrote down what needs to be printed off in the way of items for my board or to remind myself to record a podcast which mind you I am pretty good at remembering and I know my schedule a lot. I always write down what has to be done for events or whether its content related, I sure as heck know how to actually get things done on time. I know right now the scheduling is a tad off due to my very hectic schedule with events this fall as I have said many times in the past, this is my busy time of the year but it will be settling down in December and when things get quiet. I got a couple of things planned for my alumni and I getting back together for a possible Christmas get together to celebrate Christmas together. I will explain more next week in the mid week after the Autism Celebration event has concluded and things start to settle down a bit for me around the studio. 

              Finally, I like to go by a timetable, it gives me a bit more structure to my days or nights as I am writing this very, very late. Sometimes I do things off the cuff as I got nothing else to do and decide to write or just work on things and get a head start on things before they are due to be finished or ready for events for an example. Some of the content I can do off the cuff for example, these blog post ideas just come to my mined when I wake up in the morning and I just write. Sometimes my titles do not come till after I am done with the post so that is what I mean by off the cuff. I think I am getting better at the stress thing as I explained, I am just getting better at it and able to handle my work load a lot more and I always persevere through the thick and thin of things as well.


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