Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Was Going Bat Crazy At The End of September.

              I admit I went a bit crazy at the end of September but that is what happens when you end up with tons of things on your plate. If you know I have a blog to write everyday and on top of that a podcast record weekly as well which sure as heck makes me one busy person. Also it is that time of the year where I am preparing for The Autism Celebration which is a week tomorrow and I will talk more about and I have been busy prepping and no time to actually talk about it at the moment but it is coming in less then 2 days and I will talk more about the details about the event. But I admit it, I am not even done with the board for the Autism Celebration as there has been other projects on the go for me so it has been quite hard and I admit I am having doubts how the heck to do the actual board and I am questioning it all together as it doesn't look right but it will look great regardless what I think about it in the end. I have a week to finish this up or I will not get any of this done if I just let it sit there and not do a darn thing but tomorrow will be working it.

                I think I found it hard with the work load but I didn't really feel the motivation before I left for Minnesota but now since I have been back I have been working extra hard. I hope tonight to work on the Autism Celebration booth I have planned. I know I am not having it tonight as last night was once again really tough in the sleep department but I think I will sleep fine tonight for once. However, I struggle the next night still so I am not sure what is the problem. I think all of this has to do with the two things I said above at the end of September, sleep which I have gone back to my old ways with my dang sleep. The second part is the work load and how I handle it but I am getting defintiely better at handling my stress and there will be a post about that soon how I am able to handle my stress and how I am able to handle things much better. That is my post for today, it is not as long as the last couple of days but yea I was going a bit bat crazy towards the end of the month but we all do from time to time when we got a lot on our plate! 


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