Sunday, November 27, 2016

Favorite Broadcasting Platforms Both Gaming & Normal Casting....

            So it has been a year since my last normal cast and almost 3 months since my last gaming cast and I think this is appropriate as I already told you guys what platforms I have been on over the many many years I am no longer currently casting anywhere at this moment of time and will not be LIVE anymore. As I have said this in the past I am retired from casting and this time it is for good, just like YouTube I am fully retired. Just like casting, I got tired of it, I was on YouTube for 10 + years and was a caster for 5.5 Years. Now I thought this would be an interesting post for a lot of you, even thought I've spoken about my casting history this one will hilight some of the sites I did enjoy:

        First Gaming Site: Twitch.TV as I've met a lot of people there over my short time I castedon there but that's beside the point. Also I'm semi still connected to two of my listeners, Dark and my Co-Host of the new and upcoming CBOTW Gamers Podcast.

       Finally Normal Casting Sites Besides Gaming:, where I really got things moving on there in my casting dasys and of course my return as well and was home to the notable Shwa Nation, a Talk Radio Show my friend Joel and I did. Also met 1o1Adam and been friends with him for 4 years now. Finally which actually started to cast in 2008 but it short lived it was revisited in 2011 and also 2012 as well for a short few months.

      Well there you have it those are my 3 favourite casting websites I enjoyed on. As you can tell I decided to keep out my negative thoughts about some of the other platforms such as Justcast, Vaughnlive, Stream.Me, and Hitbox. Yes I casted there but I shouldn't and will not put it down. It was good while it lasted and I enjoyed it but I left for certain reasons.

     Until The Next Post Everyone, hope you have a fantastic Sunday.


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