Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Would I Ever Broadcast Again?

                Would I broadcast ever again at anytime of my life? No. Not just because of the fact I am banned from every platform out there but there is tons of reasons why I don't want to broadcast anytime soon and it is nothing against the platforms but here are some of the reasons:

1) I am banned from majority of the broadcasting platforms for stupid things I have done or I have a vendetta against the owner(s) of the platform. 

2) I feel like social broadcasting has started to die down but that is only my opinion but it hasn't been the same since, days and I don't think will ever change anytime soon. I know is suppose to happen but once again, something happened between me and the owners of the new and I feel like if I return, I do not want to cause anymore problems as it is. 

3) The trolls, it got way out of control on a few occasions and I knew it was that time I need to leave broadcasting and just do Audio ONLY Podcasts and these wonderful blog posts I do for you guys on a regular basis. 

4) I've been casting since 2009 and just felt like I had enough of it. I felt like it wasn't fun to do anymore and like I said above, it is not the same since BlogTV & Stickam days as both platforms closed down not far apart from each other, a month to be exact.

                  So the answer to the question is No, I will not be planning on returning to broadcasting anytime soon as I am happy where I am at, this current time of day and very proud of the accomplishments I have made as well on this blogger/podcast journey and I wanna continue this uphill journey. 


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