Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What Would I Do Different If I Was Still On YouTube?

              The question for today's blog is would I do something different if I were on YouTube still? Well yes and no. There is a few things I could of changed and here are what I could change if I remained on YouTube:

1) More then likely put The Entertainment Man Talk Show Off Air as the views went down at the end and the ideas went dead as I felt like they were stale so I think I could of ended the series. 

2) I would of done Everything About Reality TV on YouTube full time and probably keep on Vlogging on the main channel yes, I would do a separate channel for the podcast alone.  Or I could of kept on doing Vlogging and do the Podcast on Audio ONLY as it is to this very time of day.

3) Vlogs, I may of decided to downgrade it to Monday through Friday, not 7 days a week like I had it originally. With vlogging on Sundays if something good was happening.

4) Probably turn it into a Family Friendly content channel as I would of had to obey the new TOS and also the Advertiser friendly guidelines as it changed very, very quickly after I left the platform entirely as we know mass chaos endured! 

                      So yes I would change things as I left not in the best terms with the platform and no notice to you guys my fans but I gain a lot of respect and trust back after festering up on leaving YouTube and not letting you guys I was planning to leave the platform or what was going on. That I could of changed as well. I should let you know of the change and I think I am actually getting better at it too right now.


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