Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why I Don't To Do Podcasts On YouTube

             There are many reasons why I do not want to do the podcasts on YouTube. I'm not putting down the platform, I just have reasons why I do not want to do the podcasts on YouTube anymore. 

1) I felt like my time on YouTube it is time to leave YouTube as a whole and just primarily focus on the Podcast Audio ONLY for right now. I have been on the platform since Jan 31st, 2008 technically.

2) I just feel like if I returned with Everything About Reality TV in particular, it wouldn't be too popular like before. I struggled to get views when I did the podcast and I feel bringing it back to the platform, I would be struggling from the start again and building an audience.

3) I also feel like Podcasts do not feel like they belong, however there is tons of podcasts on YouTube so you can't say there isn't podcasts on the platform.

4) The adpocolypse and the family friendly content, it will be hard to earn revenue and also if you curse you could end up being age restricted in a video or removed all together, so that make me a little weary of things right now. 

5) It takes time to find and build up your subscribers and just do not think I have what it takes to re build from the ground up again, think this will be a tough challenge and road but maybe with persuasion by YOU guys the most amazing fans, then maybe I'd consider it then. 

6) I'm not sure if I can keep a schedule and how I would post up the Audio ONLY versions of the podcast or when it would go up after the live broadcast.

                 There are my reasons and it is unknown where I want to take the podcast next and not sure if I would wanna do it live again, I would like to but not sure how I would format it, like schedule to go live, when the Audio ONLY Post is up, those questions I'd have to figure out for myself and I know if you do persuade me into doing em live, I'd figure out the scheduling. Not everything probably wont be live, some live, some that are pre-recorded before it going up. 


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