Thursday, November 10, 2016

Broadcasting Platforms I Have Been On

I really never thought about this for a blog post really... In all the years I have casted on various video broadcasting websites trust me this is quite a list so this will be a nice long list and I have given an explanation of why I left too. (2009 - 2010) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to (2010 - 2011; 2012) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to BlogTV but returned in 2012 briefly (2008, Tested Briefly; 2012) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to (2012 - 2014) until IP Banned then was off for a while, then moved over to (2014) For the time being till Moved to (2014) Casted there then left end of November due to way to many trolls and they ran me off the site fast. Was IP Banned for the stupidest reason and do not care that I was banned from the site. (2014 - 2016) On and off till the site closed down (2014 - 2015) Casted there until I got into an argument with the Staff there.

Beam.Pro (2014 - 2015) Left because of lack of interactive users. (2015) Casted there between February and March of 2015 until IP banned due to a situation that happened which I will not disclose what it was. (2015 - 2016) Casted on and off and recently ended my association with the site, just got tired of being disrespected and trolled. Hangouts (2014 - 2016)  When I was still an YouTuber, Everything About Reality TV use to be live, now an AUDIO Only Podcast within (2014 - 2015; 2016) Curently on the Site, Casting on and off and watching streams as well.

There you guys have it! A list of the places I have casted and the movement over the years. Never really found a home or was able to settle, so walking away from casts was my decision and I am proud of the decision to walk away when I needed to and it was fun while it lasted!


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