Thursday, November 10, 2016

Royal Winter Fair 2016

First of all yes I am late on this post, I haven't been in a good mood since the end of The Royal Winter Fair which was 3 days ago. The first half was great but the rest not as much. However it was a good day and I think I was over tired and still recovering from lack of sleep but been sleeping well since Monday which is a great thing! Anyways lets talk about this years The 94th Royal Winter Fair. So I left around 9 am EST which is early, however I was up at 530 in the morning, crazy I know right? I am normally up early like this in the last 4 days so I am getting this routine down. So we got on the 935 am GO Bus and headed to the Go Train Station to catch the 10:12 am train to Exhibition Place. 

So moving forward to arrival at Exhibition Place, I arrived at around 11:20 am in the morning with my dad and we got our tickets for the Royal as I didn't have the Media Pass this year but it didn't stop me from taking 442 pictures, that's right 442 pictures.... So crazy it only  registered on the camera 66 - 90 pictures, so I was utterly shocked with it but I went camera crazy. First thing we saw was the vendors for horses, like saddles, boots, cowboy/cowgirl hat. Also got to see some non GM (Generically Modified Food) It had Orange, Red and Green Peppers, Tomato's the normal ones that we have on a regular basis like on Burgers etc. Then they also had the Cherry Tomatoes which go great in a Salad. They had 2 The Wandering Bean... Oooooh yes I am making a Mr. Bean Reference there... ha ha We then proceeded to the Animals which had Sheep, the old Goats that was for Mr. Plishka, Pigs, Piglets which were soooo cute! Silly old Wabbits (Rabbits) Yes I pulled a Elmer Fudd there. There was also Sheep judging in the older building which was where the animals are and always been. Use to be an upstairs but thats not used much anymore for this type of event. We moved on to the moos as my Niece Ryleigh use to call em. There were Holsteins (Dairy, Milk) Jersey and Swiss which I do believe make the cream that you put in Coffee and certain baking. Also Guernsey cow as well. There were so many areas represented, down in the Grand Bend area, South Simcoe Durham Region East which I am from obviously, Prince Edward Island and many more! We also had Nathan's Hot Dog and of course I indulged in a Beer. 

We went to the Horse Show and saw these competitions: International Jumper - Power & Speed Competition, H/H Pony Pleasure Driving - Amateur, Belgian Four Horse Team, Hackney Pony – Amateur, Jump Canada Medal Finals, Harness Pony – Amateur and Percheron Four Horse Team. We also saw in the International Jumper Power and Speed Competition Jessica Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen's daughter which myself and my dad have seen her compete in the past.

We went in and out of the Horse Show and continued to looked around, saw the area for the kids, petting zoo, slide etc. After the Horse Show, we looked around a tad, saw a Lama, Alpaca and some sheep, Long Wool Sheep, Meat Sheep. Then of course we went to grab some food but nothing really caught my eye, I ended up skipping dinner. If they had Perogies I would of eaten but I was in a miserable mood and my dad didn't help my mood. We looked at the grains and veggies then we headed to the Horse Palace. I was in a bit of a better mood but not any better. I will leave the rest of the night at that as I really do not want to talk about it. Here are a few more pics for your pleasure, have a good Thursday!


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