Monday, July 24, 2017

Reasons Why I Do Not Broadcast Everything About Reality TV On A Video Platform!

              I have had fun broadcasting or casting since 2009 but it is time to move and do what I am doing currently which is Podcasts, "Everything About Reality TV" I have had nothing but fun with these podcasts and got to be myself more and yes I have been a goof on Everything About Reality TV especially but that is what my character is like is a goofball and I like to make jokes a lot too! It is a running joke on the podcast that I ramble on about things or one specific things like that Hanging With Bob Bridge Detour On The Amazing Race Canada. I am very out spoken kind of person and I say what is on my mind. 

              Now to the part of why I do not broadcast "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts, well I haven't really done a regular broadcast outside the gaming streams since end of March of 2015 and I got no plans to broadcast anytime in the near future. I am very content doing my own thing and like Larry told me, least I do not have to deal with the trolls anymore. Only trolls would be through the power of Twitter which is the only current Social Media I have at the time. The trolls kind of ran me off the broadcasting site and it was a wake up call to what I really wanted to focus on which was YouTube at the time till the end of my YouTube career. Now my primary focus is Audio ONLY Podcasts with both "Everything About Reality TV" and I have gotten more a response when I have posted up Everything About Reality TV and I mean really a great response. Not only on the Audio ONLY platforms but on Social Media, aka Twitter has been an outstanding amount of response from my followers on my podcast posts and a lot of encouragements when times get tough, so there is a big reason to stay on Audio ONLY I can say I am happy where I am at this point of time. I am too content right now to make anymore changes right now. I need to stop making too many changes too quickly and leaving Stitcher just came suddenly even tho it started to excel in viewership but viewership does not matter, what matters to me is the fact I am having fun recording each and every episode 2 - 3 times a week. Plus planning on collabing with a few people on a podcast in the near future with some personal friends of mine and also an old friend from back in 2010 - 2011 on the former broadcasting website so it will keep me busy planning other smaller projects but two projects right now is not what I want to do. 

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