Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Will Be Back On The Road Late June!

              It is no secret that both Larry and I are planning a trip to Etobicoke and we will be at the Sherway Garden then on the best over to Kipling and across. I do not know the route from there honestly, either Streetcar across China Town down past the harbor front then to Union then Go Train home that is the question I am starting to wonder about but that is to be discussed but I will more then likely wearing my Chris B On The Web shirt and of course both of us will have our tags on as this is an official tour for CBOTW, the Founder/Owner and a member of what is left of the Alumni... I will have flyers for us to hand out if you need information and yes I will love to chat with you guys as well. I am looking forward to going out and actually being able to promote the website a bit in the public eye finally as I have been very, very quiet publicly as I have been hidden but with the nicer weather I can wear my shirt finally and able to show off everything we have worked hard for on CBOTW. Larry and I have really discussed and discussed this idea of going out and about and maybe this is something him and I need to do every year is going out promote Chris B On The Web especially in the City of Toronto I think this could be an idea to do every year. Or I could always have flyers with me when I do hit Toronto every year. 

              Anyways I am looking forward to the next Toronto trip with Larry this time around and able to be out of my smaller city here and away from all the drama I have had to deal with so it will be an nice break for me and it is always an excuse to go out to Toronto and it hasn't been the first trip I have been on lately as you know I was in Toronto 1 week ago Monday and I am ready to do this all over again from the start but this time going a longer distance but it will be an adventure of a life time honestly! I am looking forward to this and ready for another trip. I am sure I will be doing a few other trips from time to time to Toronto and plenty more blogs and yes I will be blogging this trip not next week but the week after I will have my pad of paper with me as usual and I know I will be out more as there will indeed more trips and events this summer as I will be one busy person. 


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