Thursday, June 6, 2019

Been Going Non Stop Since January and It's Not Over Yet!

              It is no secret that I have been going non stop since January, first with the 9th season covering Music City CMT and Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2. Then it followed not long after with the 10th season and the podcast's season is still not finished and sounding like it is finished yet and yes I have mentioned it in a post before here on the website and it is really hard to pinpoint if the season of Amazing Race 31 will end before Big Brother 21 begins or not so it will definitely will depend how things go honestly but sounds like I will definitely have a busy summer ahead of me plus going away on holidays at the start of July which I do have to figure out the schedule and I think there will be a week of me doubling up on podcasts on 1 episode so I will decide when the time comes. I may be gone for a week, week and a half while I am out there it is unclear what the plan is. However with this busy schedule, I have already made the decision to go back to the original 2 podcasts a week and there is a reason why I did 3 a week was because of this being it's 10th season but I think it is better to just do it weekly but I learned from the mistakes I made during the season and moving forward I am going to fix the mistakes I made. Honestly now I am getting into a rhythm of things just will have to play catch up when I get back from my East Coast trip and i wish i could get a laptop but maybe once i get into web design I will have one that I can use as I will be required to have one but that's later on.

               I know I will work things out to get things on the straight and arrow when I get back and I am going to talk to my parents about this and to when but anyways it ain't over till it ain't over as were still fully on and I think at the point that the decision for the podcast I am more leaning towards continuing on the season at this point as I think it will end up crossing paths in the end so probably best to just keep on going and not stop till end of the next two seasons of both Big Brother 21 and Amazing Race Canada 7.  It's fine with me honestly, it is. It is truly fine with me continuing on with the season and it is what it is in the end and I will someway, somehow deal with things and get things figured out and I always do in the end. Keeping busy is a good thing honesty and it is good to stay busy throughout the summer especially and I really do know the entire schedule for the podcast and I will be announcing soon the schedule, don't you worry. 


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