Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Autism Celebration 2016

So last night I attended the Autism Celebration 2016, not my first, I've probably attended it 3 years in a row minus last year due to my commitment to my job that I got and yes I wanted to be there for it once again but couldn't but was there in spirit, I could of gone from work as a  guest not displaying my site but it is good to be back. When I arrived I was in very crummy mood and didn't really want to be there. But once I got things started and everyone visiting my booth. I started to open up to a lot of people, my past, why I left YouTube, even trying on my own from February to June which didn't work out very well. It was an suggestion made but if I've tried on my own and it didn't work out it didn't work out. 

Had a whole bunch of visits to my booth, some familiar faces and got to see my friends Mel and Lisa whom I've known for many years now and was great to see them both! Saw some familiar faces who have been to my booth in the past and always great to see them again! Connected with someone that knows a lot about website and can be an asset to my site in the future as well, so never know they might connect with me! Also connected with two current CICE students that is taking the program I was in for 2 years from 2010 - 2012 and was great to talk to current students. This told me promoting the program was an great idea and I am planning on continuing to promote the CICE Program again at next years Autism Celebration 2017! Also connected with someone who likes to play video games so a lot of ideas came up in my mind. Also it started to make me think what is more important to my website now & it makes me think maybe I should make my RETURN to Twitch.tv and maybe my friend Brew can help me get the OBS Studio down pat to no Lag and never know I could be streaming on Twitch again as of Nov 1st, 2016 the day after Halloween! So a lot of visitors to my booth have given me ideas even not writing anything into my suggestion box! Just talking to people is helping me realize I need to follow my newly found passions which is Blogging on my Site, Podcasting and Gaming! 3 things I highly enjoy in my life right now! I also got to reconnect to Lisa Binns whom I have known for 20 years, yes I have been a part of Kerrys Place for 20 years! I've known Lisa and Nicole the longest I believe out of all the Staff at KPAS. 

Finally I want to say thank-you to the Kerry's Place Staff and a very special thanks to Ann for helping me finalize the board. I will be back in 2017 for the next Autism Celebration and bigger and better then this year and more confident then I have been this year with this really not so good year, because 2017 will be my year and I will be over this really bad year! Below is a picture of where I have put my Thank You Card from the Kerrys Place Staff which is on my white board at the bottom so I can look at it everyday!

Have a Great Tuesday Everyone! 


P.S. Next event for me is Nov 8th, 2016: I will be at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

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