Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day Surgery & Post Procedure...

First of all I would of posted yesterday but I was overly tired from the long day I had but today I am taking the time to write one.  So yesterday I went to the hospital to get a scope done as most of you who follow me on Twitter know that this was coming up. I was nervous as heck for it. First I got my hospital wristband then off to a second waiting room to wait. Not long after actually I was taken to another room to get my hospital gown and housecoat on to prep me for the OR check all my information etc. We waited about 20 minutes, then headed off to the waiting area for the OR which we waiting about a hour and 10, maybe a hour and 15 minutes. Hard to remember but I got to walk into the OR. Of course I woke up they checked my vitals etc, I do remember waking up with oxygen mask on as my levels were low. I was moved to recovery room had some juice and got dressed and on my way home.
Today I slept in till 11 am this morning had my lunch then went on my computer for a while, went for a small walk then just resting more tonight. That was my recovery day pretty much low key. Still gotta catch up on Survivor Millenials vs GEN X podcast, watch Hells Kitchen and record the Everything About Reality TV Hells Kitchen Podcast. Ill do Survivior Tonight and Hells Kitchen tomorrow. Thank you again for your patience!


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