Thursday, October 6, 2016

Northern Ontario Day Trip, Day Off!

I enjoyed a day off from the real world, aka working on my website & podcasts and boy it was a fun trip we went back to our old Camping spot which is Silent Lake Provincial Park and also went to Halliburton as well which was a very nice change of scenery. I was completely stress free until I got home and found out a friend decided to deceive and stab me right in the back which is putting a bunch more of stress on me the night before the procedure and making my heart rate gone up a bunch at this moment. But the day was nice leaving at 945 am and back around 6 pm EST so it was almost a 6 hour day and boy I am tired but waiting to go to bed at 1030 maybe 11 pm so I can have a late night snack so I wont be hungry as much tomorrow as I will not be eating till tomorrow afternoon after my procedure. So first stop was at the Country Style, our usual hangout when we use to go up to Silent for Camping which was nice, had a raisin bran muffin for a snack as I didn't eat anything in the morning which is normal for me usual... haha! So we went back to our old campsite # 127, good memories by the way, I have nothing but amazing memories at that campsite and will always remember the good times I had.

We took a trip around our old loop and the know what use to be the first come first serve loop which has electrical and yurts in there as well. Also the 3rd loop in the Granite Ridge Campgrounds. Then we went through Pincer Bay and down to the lake and canoe rental place as well! We headed down to the beach and took some pictures and went to the rock which is I guess you would say closer to the Day Beach. 

We headed to the rock and sat there for quite sometime and enjoyed it. Unfortunately we didn't bring out bathing suits and we wish we did, it was warm enough to swim in so we are bringing it for sure next time around. So after that we went to the day beach for a bit and seen the construction going on with their new cabins and showers being installed which look awesome! Same with the gatehouse being re built to the modern time era. 

Then we got on our way and headed to Halliburton and saw so amazing colors our way there, picture below: 

Now, when I arrived at Halliburton I went to Mckecks for a late lunch and I had a cheese burger with pickle and red onions and boy it was gooood! I put Mustard, Ketchup and Relish on and it tasted delicious! If you are in Haliburton Try it! tastes sooo good! Anyways this is a rather long and lengthy blog post but it was worth the post and to talk about my trip up north and I wanna thank you for reading this blog post and I will do another one tomorrow after the procedure at the hospital and wish me luck in the comments if you want to! 


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