Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Had an Awkward Moment Today On The Bus...

Today on my way home from the YMCA, I ran into my friends Terry and Angie and of course my arch nemesis and the person that destroyed my YouTube Channel and I had nothing to say to him, yet he sat there not even offering an apology for what he said to me which shows he don't care or want to apologize. At this point I do not even wanna hear an apology from him since he didn't try to even talk. His problem is he waits months before talking things out with me which harms and damages the friendship I had with him even more to a point I could not give a flying shit about him now... I've moved on. However let me tell you guys it was really awkward for me, wasted 13 years of a friendship with him. I mean if you spend this long being friends with someone and they treat you like trash, telling you to "Get Lost" and go back on their words and just be plain out rude. Also assault you, as you can figure out I was assaulted by him back in 2010 and finding it even more harder to forgive him, hes got no case for me to forgive and forget the crap he caused. 

But it was completely awkward with him being across from me and I couldn't even look at him, I just cannot find it in my heart to forgive him this time, there is no way in hell this time he will get in my good books now, I am clearly done with him now but to see him was the most awkward moment of today. I hate to open old wombs of a damaged friendship and it hurts to run into the person that really, really hurt me to a point I just wanna tell him off but I end up biting my tongue just because I was still fuming at that piece of crap. I am however glad I held back my feelings because that makes a mountain out of a mole which an old saying. What I am trying to say I need positive stuff in my life not the negative and I've been getting rid of the negative people or the people putting me down. Life is too short for negativity. That is why I held back my true feelings but yes I should release it somehow but I know this blog isn't the place for it but I am expressing my feelings how awkward and strange it was to see Eric and this is the first time in about 4 months I have seen him in person. I know what you guys will say is I gotta face him eventually and today seems to be that moment I need to face the music to the people who turned their backs on me. I think I am in the right direction.

Have a great night guys! 


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