Monday, September 26, 2016

Been Having Doubts

Been having a lot of doubts with and its not the podcasts I am doubting, I know, just the team behind me is kind of breaking up as it is now down to just Justin and I which is fine, but it is hurting me in the long process. I hope with these podcasts I will be able to find a co host maybe one of these days or live feeder to help with live feeds on Big Brother to give whats going on the BB Feeds so I wanna work on that too and maybe add bloggers as well and grow the website in a big way and get the viewership up! These are goals, but with me doubting the website it is kind of hard to move on with these goals but I gotta keep on pushing especially if I wanna add adsense to the website to earn some revenue within my website, I did way back from The Video Projects Team days which is a long time ago now since that happened. But I will try and continue with Justin aka Justina and try and get things back on track. Losing YouTube has been a big impact on me and I haven't been sleeping well the last while except for last night I finally was tired enough to sleep. I may have had 4 hours of sleep but I'll be fine and later sleeping better knowing I am fixing the website and the problems around with the site.

I shouldn't doubt I should believe in myself and believe in Justin and the words of wisdom he has given me in the last many weeks of my struggles with all the B.S. happening with my team and with me starting to not believe in my team but I got still believe because if I don't then my website will back downhill and it will be over for and no way of rebuilding it. Yes Larry, Sarah and Eric who's the big name screwed me over but I gotta remember Justin hasn't yet and I don't think he will quit.

Have a great day everyone! 


P.S. Yes I am like Doubting Thomas in the bible after the Resurrection of Christ.

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