Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do I Miss YouTube?

It has now been almost been 3 months since my departure from YouTube long before their "Term of Service" changes. Only reason I did leave was because of the crap I was enduring with my team and the way my team turned their back on me and leaving me to do everything on my own, so to the question in the title of this blog "Do I Miss YouTube?" the answer is "NO" I do not miss the drama from my team and having to deal with quitters quitting on me in the middle of a web series that was doing so well as it was returning back to the normal amount of views it use to get so everything was going great up to the start of Season 6 when I started to feel fed up of the series but I didn't let it bother me and I continued with the season but when Season 6 ended that is when "All hell broke loose"  Once Larry quit, then Eric not once but twice, that was enough for me to go over the edge and when I fired a staff member, I knew that was the end of my YouTube Career and I do not miss all the drama or the drama on YouTube. The community has become with hateful people and also the "drama channels" out there, but it sounds like as being an outsider looking in that things are getting better. However the changes of you cannot swear in a video if you Monetize your videos so I left at a good time and 10 + years on the platform and in the industry is a very, very long time and like the saying goes, "time to move on" or "life goes on." In the long run now I am very, very happy I have moved on and recording Reality TV Podcasts, which is brought from YouTube and continued. Also the blogging and hopefully by November Twitch Stream in the near future as well. 

Until the next blog, have a great evening everyone,


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