Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rant About YouTube...

After 10 + Years on the YouTube with me leaving the platform after the recent changes to their Terms of Service of You cannot swear if you wanna earn money for your videos along with other things which limits me to what I wanted to do for the documentary so instead in the next few days you will see Interview 1 of 3 so you will have more website content then there has been. With podcasts I can say what I want without restrictions like "YouTube" has at this current time. And what I think is a lot of YouTubers will slowly be leaving the platform as the freedom of speech will really hurt them. I know McJuggernuggets, KidBehindACamera & Boogie2988 whom I am an avid listener of and love to watch their videos on a regular basis even tho are hurt by this change of the TOS (Terms of Service) especially with the swearing in the videos by two of them. 

But what is also as bad as the swearing is that people like Boogie cannot talk about trending topics out there like he said in one of his most recent videos like suicide and the war going on across seas, those are basically big time topics that should be allowed, as content creators, should be allowed to talk about the big trending topics but that isnt allowed because it isn't "User Friendly"  well it is as long as you talk about it appropriately. So I am glad that I left when I did and I am ready to face the world in new Adventures and life experiences, life is always full of surprises and I am blessed to have this YouTube experience even with 42 subs for the time I was on my own and I am ready to face new challenges and learn something new! 

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