Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Added A Podcast To The List & Updates!

            I am so thrilled to be bringing two things on the the website today and it has already been implemented to the website under the Podcasts tab. The first one I want to talk about is Punk Rock Cheeseburger as you know I am a re-occurring guest at least every 2nd week that is one of the reasons behind putting it up so you guys are able to see the links and where to actually tune into the podcast but not with just be but with other guests Rocky has on his podcast as well. I already had the OK from him and he thinks its great I wanna promote it since I am currently involved. There is an opportunity for it to grow but we need to start small then grow bigger so I am not going to rush his podcast in growth. Now there is another individual who wants to do a wrestling Podcast which is in the pre-production stages and he knows I need to wait till Billy's is officially running through it. I have mentioned I would like to do a couple of collabs one being a radio station I use to be involved with on BlogTV and Stickam as well. However that is not an option at this point and decided it will not be happening at this moment as I have lost connection with the former owner as their station isn't running anymore so I have decided to put it on the shelf for right now. However the good news is I am still planning to collab with Charlie who was a co-host with me for The Chris B Podcast and I think 5 years later I think it is long overdue to actually have a reunion Podcast but I have thought about waiting but I am 100% sure it is an opportunity knocking that I can do this finally. Now the final thing I want to talk about finally is I do have some information about The Power Ranger Collaboration Podcast. As you know it has been on hiatus for the last 3 months and there has been a bit of a communication issue between my Co-Host and I over the last 2 months to a point I was just about at a point I was done with this collab. However it is not over whatsoever and both Larry and I can officially say it is indeed coming back and I have already half way through the 7th season of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and soon as that finishes I am going to be moving right into Lightspeed Rescue so I am not sure if we will be waiting till January as you know there is going to be Renovations done here in the studio so I am thinking about waiting till then to get it recorded. So next year could be look at a 3 recording sessions next year which is fine with me but they are really spread far apart from each other by 4 - 6 months so it isn't that bad really but I am going to make sure they are spread apart from each other.


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