Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Orono Fair 2019 & Food Review

                  I have decided to put the Orono Fair and the food review that has been done at the fair together. I think it is best if both of those are put together. First let's talk about the fair portion of the fair. Also we went into the arena to see the flowers, arts and crafts and other things. We even saw the Zamboni which was sitting there at the corner by it's doors.  There were tons of tractors and there was even the teenagers driving the tractors in a tractor pull. We thought it was later but that was the adults for later on in the day in the evening. Anyways what tractors that were still sitting there, well I can say Minneapolis won by a milestone with 19 of them which probably could of been more then that. I remember when I was a kid the Cockshutt Tractors were the most that actually were there and back then it was at the back where they use to have the old tractor pulls. Anyways we moved on with seeing what rides, kids coaster, my favorite the Merry-Go-Round as I remember it as a kid. Also bingo which my mom and I did when she took me to the fair when my dad was out on his canoe trip on a couple of occasions. Now that was never there for the last few years I went there which was about 3 - 5 years ago since I went last and I remember it was with my niece and nephew was the last time we actually went to the fair. Also we saw ducks, goose, chickens and one duck being anxious with constantly being loud but it is what they do for sure. Also cows, goats, pigs, piglets. Also a Clydedale that staying neighing and stopping it hooves to get my attention. Not sure what the heck it is with me and horses, they seem to really like me. Finally we sat down to the watch the tractor pull and I thought they were going to stop half way but completely wow'd me and kept on going and did very well.

                Now to the food review side of things. We had lunch first before we ended up walking around the grounds. We both had peameal Bacon on bun with Cheese and also one side order of fries. The bacon wasn't over cooked whatsoever, it was crispy a bit and very juicy and the cheese melted perfectly with it. It was very good and I really did enjoy the peameal on a bun which I normally do not get to eat here at home too often but the odd time we will do it from time to time. Now the fries, were good too. They were crispy and juicy and fully cooked through. They were freshly cut as they had the potato skins on it on the one side of the fries. It wasn't overly oily nor salty, just perfect which is the way I like it. We put on the Malt Vinegar which I haven't had in a very, very long time since the fries place at 5 Points Mall which now doesn't exist anymore as it was torn down and now made into a outdoor mall.  The Peameal Bacon on a bun I give a 5 all day and also the fries itself also get a 5 all day. I would definitely have that again next year but maybe I will do a pogo dog next year which I haven't had in a very long time. It was a fun 3 hours and getting away from the studio for that time.


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