Thursday, September 12, 2019

Post 11th Season Thoughts of Everything About Reality TV

           Now that the 11th season has officially wrapped up, I wanna do a my thoughts on this season and there will be some down side to this season and I wanna talk about this first. I feel like I have failed you guys with this season despite still delivering an another amazing Recap of Amazing Race Canada 7. I mean I let you guys down with the Big Brother Recap this summer as I had a good pace with it but ever since I got home things kind of went awry with it and fell behind into the month of August and I started to feel like I have let you guys down. I understand to those who did unsubscribe but promising next year were in complete full force with both Big Brother Canada and Big Brother 22 and that promise to find a host will be definitely happening next year. Even if I do not find anyone, yours truly will be still taking the reigns and either way I am going to be continuing on. I think right now I need to get myself back on track. Now that this season is complete, I am going to get myself ready to go and like I said on the podcast Monday and Wednesday next week for 2 off season podcasts and then the preview so I have already been productive here in the studio post season. Anyways I think I made the right move as when I fell behind, I felt like I wasn't going to catch up or be on track and what I should of done was watch the show on the day of and most of the time I was around for it too. 

             With all the mistakes during the summer comes to fixing a ton of the problems for future seasons and especially the season coming up in less then 2 weeks from now when Survivor: Island of The Idols starts I need to watch the show on the day of not the next day, not days later. It is not you guys it's me, I let the podcast get out of control this season when staying on track and I cut back a few things from Big Brother to simplify the podcast each episode but yet still having issues with it apparently so least I will be ready for the next season that is upon us which isn't very long from now honestly.  I am pretty sure once I get start up it will end up being a smooth week by week as we head into the end of the year and things should be easy each and every week. Finally I wanna say give through this season to fix whatever the issues are and all I need is to stay on track this season and hopefully this will gain any listeners that I lost back as you didn't know I lost a few subscribers and I know the reason why and I am the one to blame for letting this get this far and I am not going to sit here and whine and complain, like I said I am working on improving things. More excitement is to come and cannot wait to let you guys know what it is because I definitely got a plan in the works.


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