Monday, September 9, 2019

Staying Audio ONLY For Everything About Reality TV For Now!

                After a very long and hard thought, I have had made the executive decision to stay Audio ONLY with "Everything About Reality TV" for now and I think since the podcast is in a very deep run 200 + episodes, I think it is best to just remain on the Audio ONLY from here on out especially that it has done extremely well so it is truly nice to watch this podcast grow from the ground up. Also this way it will not confuse the heck out of the new host that I plan on bringing on for Big Brother Canada and Big Brother for the winter and summer season. I know I haven't spoken much about that and I am working on the details right now to what I need to do to get that process going. I think I need to stay simple and not worry about video. I think Audio ONLY is a lot better and I happen to enjoy it actually! I know it is harder to get an interaction from you guys but I seem to somehow, someway know around the issues very quickly. Jeff an old friend of mine from the days, he even said stay Audio ONLY for now. Now I am open to promoting Billy's Podcast which I am going to talk about on tomorrow's post. For right now Everything About Reality TV also known as EAR TV for short will be staying on Audio ONLY for right now. 

                   There are many reasons behind why I am staying Audio ONLY and one of the reasons is YouTube obviously screwed me over with the copyright claims and it was a pain in the butt to really deal with but we someway, somehow managed to win the battle through it and still sticking to the Audio ONLY cause I do not want to end up that way once again and having to fight the same fight again with trying to fight the copyright strike again and with me complaining to YouTube on Twitter yet again. So it is best to not go back. Now Twitch I had a ton of issues with verifying an account so I have long disabled both accounts and not on the Audio ONLY side of things at the moment. I am very much happy and I have tons of ideas with the website and thinking about doing some other projects. In the end you never know what will happen and there can be video in the very nearby future for all we know but I am very much happy with the audio only and it will be a lot more simple especially with me bringing in a second host to help relieve me of some of the duties on some of the shows that are covered but to even build this team again since I have been on my own since 2016 and now it's growing once again since making this switch to Podcasting and the blogs here on the website.


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