Friday, December 23, 2016

Mistakes Made With The Entertainment Man Talk Show and YouTube Channel...

Now being almost 6 months since I've retired from YouTube, I have had quite sometime to reflect over the mistakes that myself, Justin and Larry made with the now former YouTube Channel and I'd like to in this blog post, share my thoughts on what I think happened over the course of Late 2015 into 2016 and to the point of Staff quitting on me, so here goes nothing.

1) First mistake was continuing The Entertainment Man Talk Show beyond 6 Seasons, due to the facts of the failure of coming out with new ideas which was my own fault and I think Larry and Justin were out of ideas as well. 

2) Hiring Eric was the biggest mistake as he didn't really come into the series until January 2016 but was short lived as he quit for the 1st time out of 2 times. Plus him assaulting me back in December 2010 which was almost 6 years ago. He is banned from being in my studio in the near future anyways.

3) Yes we had the right idea with Everything About Reality TV, however we made a mistake, yes I said we as it was a team mistake to bring it in too soon as we were trying to get The Entertainment Man back on track but that wasn't the case. To add on to the 3rd point we should of waited till The Entertainment Man was done or back to what I said on the first point that series should of just ended opening the door for Everything About Reality TV and things could of been better. Yeah, the transition was not easy getting out of an yes Justin, Larry and I been talking about what could of been done smoother. However this change has really gotten me into a good frame of mind and I think yea I learned my lesson from the mistakes made back on the YouTube platform and I do not want to make the same ones as I did there on here.

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