Thursday, July 12, 2018

First Time, I Saw A Rattlesnake (Throwback Thursday Story)

             So this happened many years ago and I believe it was two years in a row where I saw a rattlesnake. To make the story short the first time I saw a snake, it was only a mere baby rattler and the rattle wasn't as loud when it shook the rattle to warn us it was nearby so this way we wouldn't step on it. I don't the baby rattlers had as much venom at that stage then an adult snake but I could be wrong though. That was actually out in the rocks a bit we happened to see the little baby snake but also cool. I believe within the two years in a row we also saw a good size Garner Snake as well which was really cool to see too. 

                Now as for the full grown snake I was the one that heard the rattling and knew there was a snake nearby and I saw it all coined up staring us down even though a snake cannot see while but can sense heat and movement on the ground so it knew we were present and near the snake and obviously we were careful to walk away from the where the snake was and it was slithering away anyways so it would feel safe so to speak.

                 Finally on this shorter blog post it was a fun to actually see a poisonous snake but would never wanna piss it off and end up getting bitten and end up in a hospital to be treated it would probably ruin the holiday or vacation all together. It was once in a life time opportunity and it is truly hard to actually see snakes as you have to be in the right place at the right time to actually see nature at it's best but we were quite lucky to see a snake! 


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