Sunday, July 1, 2018

Toronto Trip (June 30th, 2018)

                This was only planned a few days in advance and I was actually expecting to be in my studio working on Chris B On The Web and I knew with this being the long weekend, I made the executive decision to take the long weekend off from Saturday (yesterday) till tomorrow (Monday) so I will be only active on this blog ONLY for the next 24 hours or so while things here at the studio are very quiet and not much going on here till first thing on Tuesday morning. So I got to go into Toronto yesterday for the later half of the day into the evening in Toronto, with my dad obviously and I wasn't sure what we were going to do. 

                So we left around 2 pm EDT, we first stopped at the Catholic Book Store so I could actually get a new book cover for my church book as I lost which probably can be a throwback Thursday story for another day to tell you guys as it was an ridiculous story and totally my fault for not realizing to pick it up but I will tell you guys this on another day, another time. After that we went to Yorkdale mall to park and they told us no TTC parking like WTF... Where in the heck do we park? Like seriously! So we ended up driving up Allen Road North all the way to Finch Station and down. We got there, got on the subway and went down to North York Station and got off and visited Mel Lastman Square for a bit. Saw the fountain there and also they were also setting up for Canada Day Celebrations today as well.

Then we went to church via the 97 Young Street Bus down to Lawrence Avenue area. After mass we went down to the lake, had dinner, I had a polish sausage and a Gatorade  as well. While eating dinner, we actually heard a whistle, well I did and I knew it was the Trillium Ferry and it happened to run to the Islands and back but my dad thought it was only on a cruise but we decided to do the Ongaria ferry to Hanlans Point and back and they had 5 ferries, 1 on Wards, 2 on Center Island and 2 on Hanlan's Point as it was very busy at the island. We know next time to try and get the Trillium Ferry if we happen to hear it's 108 whistle go off again in the nearby future. Finally to end the day we had Gelato which is a less fattening version of ice cream but hey it was very tasty to have and I enjoy it. 

Happy Canada Day To All The Canadian's out there!


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