Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm Doing This For The Fans!

              I now realize, I need to listen to you guys, the most amazing group of supporters, fans. This community, meaning The CBOTW Community has grown so much even without a chatroom I mean the number of supporters it shows in the numbers. Now I know I don't usually talk about the numbers but it shows on my end. I keep em in mind and I know what is loved and what is hated on the podcast and everything seems to even out each and every season that I have covered. So it tells me the podcast is well received by you guys, same with The CBOTW Show Podcast, it's done extremely well, despite it being the newest of the Podcasts right now. 

             As you guys know I do polls and tons of polls here and there and it has helped me on the decisions that I had to make and I plan on continuing to do polls as well as it seems to be one of the popular posts when I tend to actually do posts. When the poll does end, I do listen to you guys and listen to every piece of feedback you guys have given me and I appreciate each and every piece of advice. Not just on Twitter and Instagram I am taking advice but also recently I have a secret discussion group among some of the former Mods and my Alumni we have a discussion going each and everyday, so that does help. 

              Finally, thank you to each and everyone of you guys for the love and support you have given me since the transition from YouTube to Audio ONLY Podcasting.  It has been a wild ride so far and it is not over yet as I stated in a blog post before, Everything About Reality TV Podcast will be around for quite some time with the recent announcement that the podcast is guaranteed all the way to the end of May of next year.  Also The CBOTW Show will be on and off quite a lot over the next several months and I am looking forward to the future in my podcasting career but hope you guys are looking forward to hearing the content I create for you guys! 


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