Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Year I Saw My First Moose (Throwback Thursday Story)

                 So almost 11 years ago, was in 2007 on my trip out in Nova Scotia, as I have never been East or to the Canadian East Coast before, we decided to take a trip out and we of course stopped and saw family going out East and also on our way home as well. But anyways, we were up in Cape Breton and we saw an actual moose, now not the male moose with the huge antlers but anyways it was a female moose and it didn't mind us taking pictures of her but still she was a massive animal. I sure as heck wouldn't want to piss it off anytime soon but it was a cool experience. I think the moose, she was grazing on the side of the road eating some grass on the side of the road.

                 We were actually on our way to the Ferry that takes us to Prince Edward Island (PEI) as that was our next stop but we took a detour up in Cape Breton and that is when we saw this massive moose and was the first one I have and more then likely not my last moose I will see in my lifetime. I am sure I will come across one in the nearby future. We knew Moose like to graze near water and where there is grass and more then definitely we were in that right area at the right time but it was in the mid day and I thought that they usually are out early morning and evening normally but guess anything is possible at anytime. Yes the moose looked at us in the car and knew we were present across the road from where she stood at the time.

                  That is my moose story and hope you enjoyed this little throwback story, it was quite the experience to have and I can officially cross this off my bucket list in my lifetime at least. It was a fun trip and wish I had a picture to show you guys but I do not think I have those pictures anymore since I cannot get the pictures off the old hard drive right now at this time and I have to talk to my brother about that at some point this week or next week at the most.


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