Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Will Be Bouncing Back!

             After months of my website being down for the very longest time and problem after problem, the website getting suspended and all this craziness with trying to get the site up and running. Mind you on the other platform, I had the website done and ready for launch, however it ended up getting suspended as I stated above so that has been the low point for me right now is trying to determine whether it is worth re-building the site from the start once again and the weeks of hell and back and to the point of no sleep at all, so it has not been the easiest decision to make. I also have been thinking about whether I was going to have the .com website after November as my domain expires this year on November 7th, 2018. To this day I still do not the future of the website and that's OK, I still got sometime to make that decision whether I continue running the site and I had that conversation with Eric and Dave who happen to be Alumni (Former Members of Staff) and they even stated it is a lot of work to do to run a website. 

                 The good news is, I am indeed planning on re-building the website and today is the day of reckoning. Why you may ask? Well, today, I started to re-build the site from scratch and I can tell you there will be a couple of changes on the website when it is done and coded. The change is the way the podcast pages will look. Let's just say it will look a lot more sleek then it was before. Change is a good thing and I think this was a blessing that the site got suspended.  In the way of testing, it will be a closed BETA Test that's it. No open BETA test nothing this time around. I just decided to change things up a bit this time around and I have no room for error.  I do promise to not move sites and to stay put till the renewal of the domain and the plans I got for the future of


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