Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The CBOTW Show- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk Is Underway!

            So 2 days ago, both Larry and I got together and got to sit down and record and talk about Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and I can tell you he told me Monday evening that he really enjoyed himself. I mean it took me months of planning and getting ready and figuring out how to do this podcast and Sunday showed that I was very much ready and prepared to go for what is to be a great podcast. I know it was nothing but the most talked about on the discussion group for the last 8 to 9 months even when it was in the pre-planning stages for this podcast. Actually if I remember correctly, this was planned way before the birth of The CBOTW Show Podcast, before I came up with this name. Only reason I waited this long was I was currently in the production Recapping Music City on CMT which mind you even on the off season has become even more popular on the podcast. 

               I knew once Music City wrapped up, I had to fill the void with this podcast and I decided once Big Brother Canada & Survivor Ghost Island wrapped on the other podcast it was time to start production of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk and only reason we delayed was because of the renovations in the main level (aka the kitchen) at the time. It was an appalling mess at the start of the month so we still got together, discussed the plans. Which  brings me to my final point of this post, which is 2 days ago we got together despite the power being out in the early morning, I was in panic but it came on close to 745 am EST so it eased my stress levels quite a lot. I admit we had fun and we recorded a little over an hour. I looked up at the right hand side screen it was already 30 minutes, then I looked back 20 minutes later, it was 50 minutes and we were still talking about Power Rangers. We had quite the conversation going and I admit I know him and I am a bunch of nerds but hey that's OK With me! Lastly, I can see The CBOTW Show Podcast doing great things in the future. 


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