Monday, June 25, 2018

Fiesta Week 2018- Italian Pavilion

              So on Saturday afternoon, I had the chance to go to the Italian Pavilion with my dad to try some more food. Now I love Italian Food and I saw something on the menu, that I probably never tried before and I will get to that very shortly. We were greeted by 2 gentleman at the door, we showed our passports as that is our ticket to get in. Paid for the passport the one time and it was the ticket in the door here on our. The only thing we had to pay for was the food as the passport been paid for back on Thursday. There was tons of choices for food, Cannelloni, Lasagna,  Veal Parmesan, Pizza, you name it! 

              What do we choose to eat? Well, my dad had Cannelloni which is stuffed with Ricotta Cheese and he had the veal Parmesan on a bun which I  had the veal not on a bun with the Cannelloni on the side as I am trying my hardest to stick to my diet as much as I can but it cannot be helped at this point of trying all these different foods that we had at the two pavilions we visited last week. Now food wise, it was very tasty, not bland whatsoever. Had great flavor it was actually not bad. The Cannelloni I tasted, instantly fell in love with it right off the bat. I wanted to take another bite and another bite right to the last bite. The meat was so tender and flavorful, it practically melted in my mouth actually. 

            So I would definitely recommend the Italian Pavilion but I recommend both that I have been to last week. I just had a piece of dry meat at the Ukrainian Festival that's all. I enjoyed going to the Fiesta Week and would like to go once again next year and we got a couple on the list we would like to go to. Caribbean Pavilion, French-Canadian, the other Polish Pavilion so we got our list already made for Fiesta Week 2019 and trust me I am looking forward to it once again next year!


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