Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fiesta Week 2018- Ukrainian Festival

             Late Thursday afternoon I went to one of the pavilions for the Fiesta Week 2018. I particularly went to the Ukrainian Pavilion for food with my parents. It was fun and the food was really good. The only thing that did bother me was the fact the pork cutlet was a bit dry and bland. I know I am starting to sound like Gordon Ramsey but it was the truth. Was off then I am normally use to with Pork Cutlets. My mom gave me a piece of hers and was a bit better but sometimes I am quite the picky kind of person. I got a bit of Chef Ramsey in me minus the yelling and what not. Least I know when something is bland and that it needs more flavor to be added to the food.

                I know the cabbage rolls were like my moms but I still ate it regardless and I actually still tastes really good. Finally the perogies were really good like usual. I actually got to eat at Lviv Hall before as I had my Friday Night End of the Season Bowling banquet.  Instead of having pork cutlet it was a Shish kebab. This Kebab actually had no breading compare to the ones we actually had during the Fiesta Week was different but still looked amazing anyways. Finally it felt quite nice to be back at the hall as it has been several years, maybe 10 years at the least since the last time I was there for the banquet but the hall hasn't changed a bit since the last time I was there.

              My final words for today's post is I will be back at another Pavilion and I believe it is the Italian Pavilion we are planning to do and I will be posting up a blog post Sunday while I am certainly busy with Larry Rieck here in Studio recording 2 different podcasts but the blog post will about the second pavilion and what I thought about the food I have tried there. I hope you enjoyed this small synopsis about the Ukrainian Pavilion and I look forward to reviewing another one tomorrow.


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