Friday, June 22, 2018

First Time I Saw A Bear! (Flashback Friday)

             So years ago, as I do not actually remember the year, probably something like 2011, 2012 or 2013 at the most we were on our way back from the neighbors cottage back to camp as it was about 45 minutes to another hour to my neighbors cottage.  But anyways we were on our way back to camp and I saw something at the corner of my right eye. It was black and what I saw was the back (the ass) of an end of a black bear. I knew they were around in Northern Ontario but hey this is a first to see an actual Bear in person. I think it was a mother bear and her cubs crossing. Least we weren't stupid enough to feed it chocolate like John Candy did in the Great Outdoors. LOL. 

              It is quite hard to see bears, they come out when you least expect them, you don't bug them, they wont bug you. Unless like I specifically said above then you are quite fine. However I know the mother bears are very protective of their youngin's. It was a neat experience to actually see a bear in person and I know Silent Lake was known for the bears in the last couple of years we camped there. Camping always entailed with us going to the cottage and it was quite the nice surprise to see nature at it's best especially late at night and we are talking about 8 pm EDT to be exact as we usually got back around 10 pm at night as we stay there quite a very long time. 

                  Finally I can say it is off my bucket list to see nature come out at the best and next week's Throwback Thursday will be as good as this one, because I got a similar post to do next week on the Throwback Thursday Story and it will be another good post as it kind of similar to this post as it was another vacation story. 


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