Thursday, June 21, 2018

2 Years Since Leaving YouTube and What I Have Been up to Now!

           2 years today, I officially quit YouTube as a Content Creator. I know I spoke about this last year on the 1 year but decided to write about it at the 2 year mark and yes I will probably not talking about leaving YouTube next year but I want to ensure you all is now well 2 years later. It has been chaotic this year, but it's going well. I didn't think the intensity of the schedule would be this intense but hey I am enjoying myself now more then when I was still on YouTube at the time. I think at the end of my YouTube era, I wasn't having anymore fun anymore. I was burnt out and now there is always something different happening with Chris B On The Web now and it is not just editing, planning and recording. It is a mix of things right now and keeps me on my toes. Now I love going to events to promote CBOTW as well covering events locally and also in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

           So yes, I am much more happier life and the stress is not as bad as when I was on YouTube. I am not putting down YouTube, just finally facing the facts, my views went down, my content stunk at the end. I felt bad not telling you guys and informing you of this decision but I had an uproar. People weren't happy but now realize my decision but are understanding now and I have made my mark in the podcasting community in the past two years and got quite the following from blogging, podcasting and being a public figure on social media. I am quite happy how well I have done and did it all on my own too with no help whatsoever. I mean yes Justin Milner helped me get things going and planned out and anything I needed he would be able to help but that decision to break up the team was a hard decision but Justin did respect the decision and look at me to this very day and I want to bring him on for an Off Season Podcast in December actually but he don't know that yet but will in time!


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