Monday, December 18, 2023

Thank You For An Amazing Season!

            I know there is still the Christmas Special left for Entertainment Man Podcast but the 4th season of my podcast is pretty much a wrap for the year! I wanted to take this time to say thank you for an amazing season, all the wonderful guests for coming on the podcast this year. Especially the return of our good friend Shane which you may see him sooner then you think... Hint... hint double hint... LOL! Yeah I'm up to something clearly! 

           This year push a lot of limits for me, from being sick dealing with loss this year, I've managed through it all this year. I can say this, next year will be even BIGGER then this year and I started to type last year thinking it is 2024... Not yet! It is because of you guys Entertainment Man Podcast seen a lot of growth and I will talk about it on the podcast this week on Friday. However 2024, I will be taking things up a level and interviews will be LIVE which for right now you will have to wait till Wednesday for that post as that is the blog post for today. Have a great rest of your day and talk to you all tomorrow! 


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