Friday, December 15, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-15-2023]

             Another week has ended and time for another end of the week updates:

Christmas: Christmas Day there will be no blog whatsoever. We are planning to take the time off. Speaking of that we are planning to close the studio from Dec 23rd - 26th for a break so the emails will not be answered till Dec 27th so if it is an emergency but put it as part of your subject and myself or one of the team will be sure to answer it as soon as possible.

The CBOTW Show: Well, that has been a struggle as everything else seems to come up at the moment. This weekend I hope to be switching to the old PC to get working on that. Eyes was on me recording a bunch yesterday which I did in order to stay on schedule. 

Website: Big thanks to Kelsie, we now are recognizing some of the people who contributed to ChrisBOnTheWeb Media & over the years. Won't be recognizing people who I ended on bad terms obviously but got at least 4 people on there to start with. Will update it when we need to update it. Right now it is not a priority at this moment. I can say this feature has been very loved by the community and thank you for the positive feedback you guys have given us since this addition.

           Those are the updates for this week, have a fantastic weekend and as always I will talk to you guys on Monday for another week of blogging!


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