Thursday, December 14, 2023

Toronto Christmas Market Food Review

          So CBOTW Fam, two part review! I should of taken a picture of the cookie and the Hot chocolate but I didn't... DARN! Anyways I had a Grilled Cheese sandwich with bacon which was actually grilled on an actual grill this time around and it brought a lot of flavor to the sandwich actually. It was so chewy and really good. The bacon seemed like it was a thick pieces of bacon too which is a bonus. They really gave you quality sandwich for 11.25 which is expensive enough but worth every penny. So I'd give the sandwich a 15 out of 10 as it exceeds my expectations. 

                Now we had a dessert at a place called Sweetie Pie which is a normal shop in the Distillery Distinct and I plan on tagging them on our Facebook Fan Page and hopefully they see and read my amazing review. My dad and I ordered a few things, peanut butter cookies (2) for my mom and she said it was very soft and tender and she gave me a small chunk to try and it was really good. She was very impressed. My dad and I both got the Ginger cookies and again soft in ever bite that we took. I'd give em 15 out of 10 like the sandwich above. Now we also got some warm drinks, Belgium Hot Chocolate and was very chocolaty and they even added green and red food coloring to fit the Christmas holidays. We asked them to add in whip cream for an extra buck and it was amazing. I'd also give it a 15 out of 10 as it exceeds my expectations! We will be back there when we visit again in the future outside of the Christmas event. I will highly recommend them as well. So that wraps up the reviews and events for 2023. Thank you for supporting me with all these events, look forward to returning to these events next year but in the meantime it will be full pledge content which I will talk about that on tomorrow's end of the week updates but for now have a good rest of your Thursday.


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