Wednesday, December 6, 2023

More Change?! Whaaat!

             I know I am getting wackier with the blog titles these days and it's proven to people clicking on the link to find out what I said. I think I have crafted the art of click-baiting like a lot of YouTubers do but I try and not to do that too so often.  Yes changes have been made to the site our team has been shifted but as you remember I had someone else do the "End of the Week Updates," however I am going to be returning to it unless I need time away or I am extremely busy my assistant, she can handle it as she knows the entire in's and out's of this company as much as Larry does too. I tell em everything that goes on around the studio in updates and what not. 

             So this change will be effective immediately as of the start of this week so two days from this post going live, I will be back from my very short hiatus of doing em. Really should be the CEO of the company to mention all the updates that we have done to the company. I will make sure to update you guys this week as it's a big week for us here at the studio as this studio is getting light up to the nine with lights. However that is the changes and it isn't much of an update, but I wanted to make you guys aware and not be surprised to hear from me on Friday which I really should of done that to just throw you guys off for the heck of it... LOL. Anyways I will speak to you all tomorrow!


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