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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Plans for Entertainment Man & The CBOTW Show 2024!

          As you guys know I have been toying around with ideas for both and I have come to this finalized idea for 2024:

  • Entertainment Man Podcast will be split into different parts both live and Pre-Recorded-- To start with the normal topic and Interviews episodes will be pre-recorded and premiered on Sundays. Might be hard to have an audience during the day time and the interviews can vary from week to week. However Special episodes for milestone episodes, special episodes and Christmas Specials will be Live with Audio ONLY being posted up on Sundays. Wednesdays Bonus episodes every 2nd week WILL NOW be on YouTube and Audio ONLY. This means both podcasts will be visual (Video) and Audio ONLY. I do not see doing interviews live a viable option as most of them are during the day time as it varies when folks are available to chat with me!
  • As for The CBOTW Show, it will be pre-recorded till we reach a certain amount of followers which I haven't yet determined yet what that will be as of right now. However when we reach that then we will be more then likely going live all the time at any given time whenever we are scheduled to record these shows that we recap.
Anyways excited for this next chapter of CBOTW Media moving forward I always have you guys to thank for always supporting us with what we do. That is the post for today and I will speak to you all tomorrow. 


Friday, December 29, 2023

End of The Week Updates [12-29-2023]

              This is the last end of the week updates ChrisBOnTheWeb Media is doing for 2023. Who would of thought that I, Kelsie would be filling in for Chris this week as he's pretty busy working on things today and tomorrow before he's off for 2 days for the New Years. As you know Entertainment Man Podcast is off air now for the holidays and returning a week Sunday, who would of think it would be back on the air sooner then we expected? Chris has made it official that he has opened interviews requests for 2024 and you can email him @ if you would like to be a guest on his podcast. 

             The CBOTW Show is in full swing still even with his other podcast off the air, he has been recording non stop and the rumors spreading since I mentioned that Chris is planning a mid week podcast in the New Year on January 3rd, 2024 for his other podcast so sounds like a pop up podcast is coming your way even if it is just posted and not premiered. Not sure what angle he's coming from this idea but time will tell what he's thinking. He's still working on the upcoming Trains, Planes and Automobiles he's working on, plus working on the new Entertainment Man Podcast episode and the schedule table for 2024 before he heads over to the old computer to work on Power Rangers before but we will see how far he gets today as he does have to go out this morning. But that is what we have been up to for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and  big thank you to Chris for giving me this opportunity, I will talk to you all later and see you around the community!

Kelsie, Community Director of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Monday, November 20, 2023

Updates, Great Things Happening for Us!

            Question I've had is where's Chris? I just heard from him this morning and talking time away from running the day to day of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and right now Brianna, Larry and I continue to work on what we are doing. I know he's had a rough last week or two and we worry about him on a regular basis. Just hope he continues to stay committed to CBOTW Media. However there is great things happening for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media! Chris has gotten a lot of great news moving forward.

           What great things that are happening? 1) Chris and Larry will be recording this week for The CBOTW Show and the image has been floating around on social media and the two of them will be recording Home Alone and Home Alone 2 podcasts! Which is exciting and I knew this piece of information right off the bat so I made that image, on the right. Also Chris is INDEED returning to the Tyrone Parade of Lights this year! Very excited news indeed and this year has been a bunch of surprises for CBOTW Media this and I am really impressed we have started going back to certain events. That is the post for today folks, I'll talk to you all tomorrow as I am taking over for him all week. 

Mark, Community Director of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Friday, August 4, 2023

End of The Week Updates [08-04-2023]

            Another week has gone by and time for an end of the week updates and boy I have a few bunch of updates to give you all:

Entertainment Man Podcast:  After a very busy week, grinding on TikToks and YouTube shorts, the interview, I have wrapped up everything on YouTube for the upcoming interview which I am very excited for you guys to hear. The TikToks and YouTube videos will be out next week Tuesday or Wednesday to get the word out about the episode. Still working on notes for future podcasts that is next on my list right now. 

The CBOTW Show: I know it has been on the back of everyone's mind to when will the Power Rangers Movies we recorded just recently in the last week. Well after I've slightly started to edit but was delayed it will be up a week from now and should give me enough time to edit the episodes and start uploading the Audio ONLY to The CBOTW Show feeds. 

Discord: The server has been pretty quiet since the drama a week ago and just a friendly reminder that drama, disrespect will not be tolerated whatsoever. You will be removed from the community Discord if it continues.

          Anyways those are the updates for this week, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to be on the lookout for a stream tomorrow. I did a test stream today but I will talk to you all on Monday for another week of blogs!


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

I'm Staying Positive!

             As you know I have been working on notes non stop and tomorrow being the day of recording, I am staying positivie through all of this. I do have a plan and if worse comes to worse, we will be recording at least 1. Here is the plan for right now:

PLAN A (Original Plan): Record both Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel as normally and if this is if I make a real dent as I went to bed early to try and get a really big dent into the notes

PLAN B: Just record the 1 episode, Ninja Steel and push it till the 29th of this month at this point. 

Plan Moving Forward: If we do the one episode this week the plan in 2 weeks is to try and record Super Ninja Steel and Beast Morphers, Season 1 & 2 if we can if humanly possible this could possibly put us back on schedule again. 

               So I am always reinventing and trying to figure things out and try and compromise things even if crap hits the fan especially with not getting notes done. I tried to sacrifice sleep and that didn't work, so I sleep when I need to sleep then work, if I get it done, I get it done right? Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post. 


Monday, January 23, 2023

What's Going On With The CBOTW Show?

           I know The CBOTW Show has been very, very quiet lately. However I have some updates with the development of the podcast. With this year already busy with finishing up seasons and getting all the way to season 29, the plans with the Power Rangers Movies are now on the shelf yet again. First end of last year we were suppose to be doing that to and this year in May. Well The CBOTW Show is now on hiatus till 2024 at this moment.

           Reason why is we want to focus on getting finishing with Power Rangers Collab and the reason behind why I have decided it is best that we hold off the launch of The CBOTW Show. The audio only is awaiting the first upload. With completing all the seasons, sounds like The CBOTW Show is now going to be re-launching in 2024 at some point. We feel bad for no launching it this year and we have been promising for the last few months and hyping it right up but now it is going to the wayside yet again. So that is what is going on and we will update you guys when we get closer to relaunching the podcast and that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Thursday, December 22, 2022

The CBOTW Show New Plan

           The CBOTW Show is constantly evolving since the announcement of it returning last month. I know I said I was gonna hold back and I am but for Larry and I we are waiting to be on the air on that podcast. We are waiting till Power Rangers Collab Podcast slows down and it is coming in the next year from now. Plus sadly Larry will be moving in the next year and a half to 2 years back up north as his mom is retiring so this means he will not be in the studio anymore and the boom arm will be dismantled and put away for the time being. 

          However this doesn't stop me from finding hosts for the following shows: 

- Survivor (Host for Survivor 44 and beyond)

- Big Brother Canada (Will host for season 11 and will be offered for Big Brother US in the summer time)

            That is the plan for right now and we will grow it down the road. Will start with these two podcasts then continue to grow this thing bigger and bigger and you never know I may end up popping back in more permanently down the road if Entertainment Man Podcast ever stops which it isn't for right now but least I have a plan for later on especially. That is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for end of the week updates.