Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Plans for Entertainment Man & The CBOTW Show 2024!

          As you guys know I have been toying around with ideas for both and I have come to this finalized idea for 2024:

  • Entertainment Man Podcast will be split into different parts both live and Pre-Recorded-- To start with the normal topic and Interviews episodes will be pre-recorded and premiered on Sundays. Might be hard to have an audience during the day time and the interviews can vary from week to week. However Special episodes for milestone episodes, special episodes and Christmas Specials will be Live with Audio ONLY being posted up on Sundays. Wednesdays Bonus episodes every 2nd week WILL NOW be on YouTube and Audio ONLY. This means both podcasts will be visual (Video) and Audio ONLY. I do not see doing interviews live a viable option as most of them are during the day time as it varies when folks are available to chat with me!
  • As for The CBOTW Show, it will be pre-recorded till we reach a certain amount of followers which I haven't yet determined yet what that will be as of right now. However when we reach that then we will be more then likely going live all the time at any given time whenever we are scheduled to record these shows that we recap.
Anyways excited for this next chapter of CBOTW Media moving forward I always have you guys to thank for always supporting us with what we do. That is the post for today and I will speak to you all tomorrow. 


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