Thursday, January 4, 2024

Let's Talk Rumble and YouTube!

                As you know we are split from the different platforms, Entertainment Man Podcast on YouTube since 2022 & The CBOTW Show since towards the end of 2023. I want to talk about both a little bit.

YouTube: It will take quite some time for Entertainment Man Podcast to become monetized on YouTube as you need 500 for memberships and donations which I do not plan on super chats whatsoever but am planning eventually doing memberships as I have ideas for that side of things. However you need 1000 subscribers to get actual ads onto the videos and my podcast is too far from that goal actually. However that's the way YouTube works as a platform. 

Rumble: Rumble which is home to The CBOTW Show which has just begun it's journey on video on Rumble and noticed the views are a lot higher but then again it's different content from Entertainment Man Podcast. However I was told that the views are a lot higher and what I really like is that I can be monetized right away non of what I said above for YouTube so that is most definitely a plus and opportunity knocking for us. 

            I know, I know Entertainment Man Podcast could of also gone exclusive but again there is 50 subscribers on YouTube already. Unless the podcast was kicked off then I'd move it over to Rumble but I have no problem being on two different platforms for each and you never know with the growth of Entertainment Man, I can and know I will reach my goals if I continue on with the podcast and I can tell you I plan on continuing on with the podcast! Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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