Friday, January 5, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-05-2024]

           Another week has gone by and it is time for end of the week updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I am all set for podcasts this week. I have gotten all the episodes I need to get done, done. Which is good so I can move on and work on The CBOTW Show.

The CBOTW Show: I also have finished up the podcast for today at 1 pm EST which is my Trains, Planes and Automobiles podcast, both edited and scheduled for this afternoon. Look forward to your feedback. Speaking of that I have already started to work on the podcasts for Larry and I at this moment. I am excited to get back to it finally and back into it as it has been a struggle especially with the old computer now com-put so I am on the main computer which eventually will have all 3 screens together as one. 

             Anyways those are the updates... Nothing too special... Just getting things done that weren't finished last year and upcoming podcasts and what not. No real changes to the website, we've committed to keeping the website as it is for right now. What you see on here is staying as it is. However the votes are in and I asked you guys if you'd like weekly streams and seems like a most definite yes! Anyways the schedule has been adjusted so be on the lookout for that and I will speak to you all on Monday, have a great weekend!     


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