Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Goals for 2024!

             That time of the year where I need to come up with goals for 2024, that was a tough decision to make but I came up with ideas for goals. As you know this year is slowly winding down, I've started to think about next year and the gal's I'd like to achieve. I have 4 or 5 for both personal and also professionally but I want to mainly focus on professionally: 

1- Improve Patience: I need to improve my patience as it can be a short fuse at a lot of times and something I need to really work on, especially and this one can be for both personally and professionally actually.

2- Get Power Rangers Podcast finished: This has been an ongoing problem with The CBOTW Show since June and been a thorn in my side but I feel positive I can finish this hopefully by February actually, latest March 2024 so we can take a break from this series and do movies and maybe even get started on preparing for Ghostwriter series which also a 90's show. 

4- Get Guest hosts for The CBOTW Show: It isn't a permanent position but always looking for people to collaborate with us on TV Shows and movies on a guest host basis and my assistant she's working on something that she's not telling me yet.

Achieved: 3- Fix The earnings: Another thorn in my side this year as we were earning money, the monetization but every time we earned it's suppose to be going into the earned column and it hasn't been moved over.  However I have started earning with Rumble so this goal has been achieved well prior to 2024 rolling around which is incredible honestly.

        Those are my goals for 2024 for ChrisBOnTheWeb Media wise and the post for today. It is a good amount of goals and I hope to achieve each one and as always I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


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